How To Do Cardio Workouts During Pregnancy: Includes My Favorite Cardio Workout Videos!

Cardio workouts during pregnancy are such a great way to stay active and healthy.

Now when I'm talking about cardio during pregnancy I'm not talking about running or jogging, there are many other ways that you can get your heart rate up without going on a run or jog.

Trust me I hate running or jogging, so during pregnancy I tried to find other ways to get my heart rate up without having to go on a jog.

Down below there are different pregnancy safe cardio videos that you can follow along with to get your heart rate up.

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Why is Cardio Good During Pregnancy?

Cardio during pregnancy has so many wonderful benefits that you for sure will want.

Personally for me when I stayed active and fit during my pregnancy I felt a ton better. I noticed a difference in my body and energy levels when I worked out for the day verses when I didn't.

I want to help y'all to have a better energy level and to feel happier because I know that pregnancy can be rough for most women.

The benefits of doing cardio during pregnancy are:

  • Boosting your mood
  • Lowers BMI
  • Boosts brain health
  • Quicker recovery after birth
  • Decreases many pregnancy symptoms
  • Burns excess calories
  • Slows and steadies pregnancy weight gain

Best Cardio Activities During Pregnancy

Figuring out what cardio activities may be difficult for you especially if you are a first time mamma. Luckily there are many different ways you can get your heart rate up during pregnancy without harming you or your baby.

Most importantly though if you are doing cardio workouts during pregnancy you need to make sure that you listen to your body and ask your doctor or midwife what is safe for you.

I don't want you or baby to get hurt during pregnancy.

Cardio exercises you can do during pregnancy are:

  • Swimming
  • Walking/Jogging
  • Step Aerobics (on a low step level)
  • Elliptical
  • Stationary Bike
  • Barre
  • Low Impact Dancing
  • Low Impact HIIT Workouts

When you do any workout often perform the talk test. This means while you workout you should be able to hold a conversation.

Make sure when you do different cardio exercises that you avoid ones where you are at risk of falling or collision. Such as skiing, contact sports, and horseback riding.

Also avoid sudden jarring exercises, crunches, planks, double leg lifts, or russian twists. Your doctor will more likely ask you to avoid lifting too heavy of weights as well.

How Long You Should Workout?

"For most pregnant women, at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise is recommended on most, if not all, days of the week." (Source)

I personally like to do 15 minutes of cardio and 15-30 minutes of strength training,but you figure out what works best for you.

My Favorite Youtube Cardio Workouts

If you are the kind of person that loves to follow along with a video for your workout I have several of my favorite youtube workout videos that you can do during your pregnancy.

These pregnancy safe cardio workouts will really bring your heart rate up and get your blood flowing!

I separated these workouts into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

As always drink plenty of water, make sure to warm up, cool down and stretch before and after your workout.

Each of these prenatal cardio videos have a warm up phase, but please pause them and drink some water if you need to have a longer rest in between each set.

If you want more pregnancy safe workouts you can always check out my pregnancy fitness tab!

Beginner Prenatal Cardio Workouts

Intermediate Prenatal Cardio Workouts

Advanced Prenatal Cardio Workouts