How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins Quickly

If y’all have been on the pinterest rollercoaster this past year you totally get how finicky Pinterest can be.

Pinterest can be a very useful tool to get a lot of traffic before you start to rank with google. But with their change on focusing more on fresh pins it can be difficult to find the time and stay consistent with Pinterest.

So it’s important to learn how to create beautiful pinterest pins quickly so you can constantly be putting out fresh pins

What Are Fresh Pins?

“Fresh Pins are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that they haven’t seen before.  You can create several images that link to the same blog post, page, or product listing, and each of those would be fresh when saved to Pinterest for the first time.” (source)

It used to be where you could post a pin and repin it a ton and it would perform well for quite a while.

You didn’t have to create fresh pins often to be successful on Pinterest.

It totally makes sense though because people wont stay on Pinterest when they have seen the same pin or post over and over again they won’t go back.

So I get it from a user perspective and from a creator perspective it kind of sucks because that means more work for us which there is already enough things on our plate.

But if Pinterest is your main source of traffic sometimes you have to appease the beast.

I’m all about finding ways to make my daily tasks quicker and easier because let’s face it trying to run a business with kids can be a difficult process so I have to find ways to keep everything in place.

So today I am going to teach you how to create fresh pins quickly.

How To Create Fresh Pins Quickly

Time is a huge thing in our lives as bloggers and we need to find different ways to make our lives easier and to get our tasks done quicker.

Having pin templates in Canva can make these tasks go by faster. Especially when all you have to do is switch the title and picture.

When I have my templates the way that I want them I can get 10 pins done in 10 minutes or less. Heck you can do them anywhere anytime because you can easily do them on your phone.


I have 10 Pinterest pin templates that y’all can use and if you want to learn how to create your own pins on canva, Anastasia has a great tutorial.

How Often Should I Pin?

Now on the subject of creating fresh pins I think you should also know how often you should be pinning.

Now everyone will have a different strategy with this because everyone will have a different amount of time they can spend on creating pins and also different quantities of posts.

The main thing you should be focusing on is pinning with consistency and pin more of your content when you have built a good amount of posts.

Now how many pins you pin a day will be different and it’s more based on how many pins you can create and many blog posts you have.

I have been marked as spam at least 3 or 4 times with my last blog so I have really honed in on what not to do to be marked as spam. Let me tell you being marked as spam really sucks, but I have come back every time and increased my views every time.

What I have noticed with pinning is only pin the same url every 5-10 days, but it needs to be a fresh and new pin.

I use my templates and start from the beginning of my published blog posts and then go through each one and create a pin for it till I have done all of my posts, then I start over.

Before I would repin my content a lot and do the same url every single day. I would be marked as spam and then it felt like I had to start all over again after contacting pinterest 3-4 times.

what to do is you get marked as spam on pinterest

Warning: If you get marked as spam from Pinterest email:

This is the template I use when I email them:

“My analytics have tanked and keep going down no matter what I do. I feel as if my website is being marked as spam or low quality by Pinterest. I’m even following the new pinterest guidelines and my analytics went up when I was following them. Then I kept following them and my analytics tanked and have stayed low for a while.”

Sometimes you may have to email them a couple times when you get this kind of response:

“Hello Kallie,

Thanks for writing in. It’s Alice, and I hope this message finds you well.

After checking with our internal teams, I have confirmed that there are no bugs and/or spam flags affecting the performance of your content at the moment. Also, your domain has been safelisted before to avoid this kind of issue again.

We work hard to keep spammy links off of Pinterest and at times the system flags false-positives. We apologize for any inconvenience caused I hope you understand we have to implement this kind of measure to protect the Pinterest community. 

However, I asked our technical support to look further. Since I have no timeframe available for how long it will take, I’m going to close out this ticket but if anything changes, I will definitely let you know.

Meantime, our recommendations based on our creative best practices are your best chance to get better results. You can check out the links below.  

Helpful Resources:

Following these suggestions for at least two weeks and monitoring your profile on a weekly basis should help to improve the performance of your profile and your Pins. 

We appreciate your understanding. Let me know if you have further questions.

Best regards, Alice”

Or you may get a response where they tell you that you weren’t marked as spam.

With those kinds of responses I email till they state that they have unmarked my account as spam.

My Pinterest Schedule

I usually pin about 6 fresh pins every day. I don’t use Tailwind because frankly I don’t like it, but that is just me. I use the Pinterest free scheduler which is on the desktop, you can’t use it in the app unless you have IOS unfortunately.

I will randomly create pins when I have time, such as when my baby is napping or playing, or when I am watching tv with my husband after our baby is in bed.

Then in the morning after I clean the house I will schedule my pins for that day and possibly the next couple days. With the Pinterest scheduler you can schedule up to 2 weeks in the future and up to 30 pins.

So you can schedule out pins for the whole week if you wanted to.

Also to keep everything super organized I have a google spreadsheet that has titles, descriptions and the url to each of my blog posts. That way I can just copy and paste instead of clicking onto every post in wordpress.

This is what works for me and helps me to stay organized, you can use these tips or find out what works better for you, but I hope you found something to help you.