Lower Ab Workout To Tighten That Pooch

After having a baby my abs were totally shot because of my c-section. I had to retrain them and work on some ab recovery.

Luckily after pregnancy you are still able to get that fit body that you want. It takes some hard work, but you can do it!

Most ab workouts only target the upper portion, but this lower ab workout is specifically designed to target your lower abs and help with that mom pooch.

That mom pooch feels like it is impossible to go away, but I can promise you it’s possible, even after having a c-section.

I’ve noticed a lot of moms will complain about that shelf right above your scar after having a c-section. This workout helped me get rid of that shelf.

Only do this workout postpartum if you have asked your doctor if it’s okay to start a workout routine and also if you have fully recovered from your diastasis recti.

If you try this workout before you have recovered from diastasis recti it could make it worse. So please do a at-home test or go see your doctor if you are unsure.

Lower Ab Workout

You will want to complete this workout 2-3 times and rest about 1 minute in between each set.

Windshield Wipers x20

Reverse Crunches x20

Flutter Kicks x20

Leg In and Outs x20

Reverse Planks x30 Seconds