An Oblique Workout to Shape Your Waistline

When us women workout our midsection we usually focus on the six pack area and there are so many other parts of our midsection such as the obliques, lower abs, and transverse abdominis.

You will also want to workout your glutes, back, and chest to maintain a stronger core. If you overwork one muscle area then you tend to have problems in other areas of your body.

Such as overworking your abs could give you problems in your back, so make sure that on different days you are working out different muscles on your body.

You don’t realize how important your ab muscles are till you don’t have them anymore. When I had my c-section I couldn’t even get up without any help. I couldn’t even stand or walk for the first time after surgery without any help.

My back hurt a lot too because I was using it for everything instead of being able to use my back and core together.

I felt sad and I wanted to do everything that I could to get them back. You need your abs for many different things such as: standing, walking, lifting, and doing your daily activities.

This oblique workout won’t give you full definition, you will want to workout many different parts of your abs, but it will shapen your waistline and give it a strong and toned look.

This workout will pair well with other ab workouts to give you an overall toned look. So you can do it as a warm up or on a light workout day.

Oblique Workout to Shape Your Waistline

Complete this workout 2-3 times with a 1 minute break in between each set.

I hope y’all love this workout and feel free to share with me some workouts you would like below! Also save it for later so you don’t forget it.

Side Plank Pulse x20

Side Plank Crunch x20

Side Plank Kicks x20

Side Crunch x20