Butt and Thigh Pregnancy Workout

Prenatal workouts are tough to figure out right? You always question if it will harm your baby and if it’s safe to do. That’s why we created a butt and thigh pregnancy workout.

You can of course also do this workout without being pregnant!

This is one workout that is super safe and productive during pregnancy that will help keep your tummy tight, not to mention those glutes!

Ow, ow!

Erik and I came up with this workout together and it was so much fun doing this!

If you don’t know what a move is below we have a picture for each move.

Of course as you can tell I was trying to be serious during the pictures, but a few I was giggling.

If you are wanting other pregnancy safe workouts you can check my fitness tab out.

I hope you guys enjoy doing this workout as much as we did!

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Butt and Thighs pregnancy workout

Butt and Thigh Pregnancy Workout

Now onto the workout!

  • Romanian Deadlift x12-15
  • Hip Thrust x12-15
  • Squats x10
  • Step Ups x8 each leg
  • Back Kicks x15 each leg
  • Side Kicks x15 each leg
  • Front Kicks x15 each leg
  • Side Lunge or Crab Walks X15 each leg

Do 2-3 sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. allow for 30 secs rest between each set!

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian deadlift

Romanian Deadlift with bands

Butt and Thigh Pregnancy workout

Tighten all the muscles in your back as you lift, and push your chest out to keep your spine aligned.

Don’t pull with your shoulders or arms by shrugging or bending your elbows.

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrust

A variation of this is called a hip bridge where you put your shoulders on the ground. (yes it is safe to do while pregnant).

Make sure you are focusing on squeezing the glutes instead of using your core! Get as full range of motion as possible.


Butt and Thigh Pregnancy workout

Make sure to keep your back aligned, heels on the ground, and chest up.

Go to at least 90 degrees.

This will give your glutes a little break, unless you want to get some extra burn add the band!

Step Ups

Step ups

Can you tell I am having fun!? Haha this one is pretty simple.

You can do all reps on one leg at a time or alternate, Squeeze glutes!

Back Kicks

Butt and Thigh Pregnancy workout

Keep your kicking leg locked for maximum flute isolation!

Make sure to get a full range of motion, and, you guessed it; squeeze those glutes!

Side Kicks

Side kicks

Fun fact: This actually uses your gluteus medius! It’s the side one that rounds out your bum!

Front Kicks

Front kicks

More for quads and hip-flexors, for balance.

I like to point my foot partly habit from being a dancer, and to get some light calf work.

Side Lunge or Crab Walks

Butt and Thigh Pregnancy workout

This one’s meant to burn out your last bit of energy so give it all you’ve got!

Thanks for reading! Do this workout once, twice, or even three times a week!

For full body benefits though, I’d suggest using this as part of a full body or upper, lower split (working different parts of the body on different days of the week.).

Your glutes will hate you, and then thank you!

Keep following for more pregnant workout ideas guys! Also comment below if you have any questions.