Resistance Band Butt and Thigh Pregnancy Workout

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Workouts are so great for you and your baby during pregnancy. Staying fit and healthy can help you have an easier labor, smoother pregnancy, less complications, and a healthier baby.

I love resistance band workouts because it switches things up from doing body weight or using only dumbbells.

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While you do this workout use whichever strength of resistance band you would like. You will be using tube and loop resistance bands.

Also instead of doing each move one right after another you will do the first move, then rest for 30 seconds, do that same move again, rest, then do that move one last time. You will then move on to the next move till you complete the whole workout.

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The Workout

  • Push Backs x10 each leg
  • Pull Throughs x20
  • Squat & Kick x12 each side
  • Reverse Lunges x12 each side
  • Romanian Deadlift x8 each leg

Push Backs X10 each leg

push backs
push backs

Pull Throughs x20

pull throughs
pull throughs

Squat and Kick x12 each side

squat and kick
squat and kick

Reverse Lunges x12 each side

reverse lunges
reverse lunges

Romanian Deadlift x8 each leg

romanian deadlift
romanian deadlift

I hope that you enjoyed this workout! Comment if there are more workouts you would like.


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