Cute Ways to Announce your Pregnancy to your Partner

Pregnancy announcements are so much fun to do, but it can be so hard to find out the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your partner.

I had so much fun with this when I was telling my husband about each of our pregnancies!

Our first pregnancy I just woke him up and showed him the pregnancy test. I wish I had some cute way to announce to him so I knew the second time I was going to be cuter about it.

The second time I wrote him a cute card and showed him my test and we were so pumped together.

The third time I got him a book about fathers, wrote a card and showed him the test. We both balled our eyes out while he was reading the card I got him because we lost both of our two previous babies.

And with our third baby we had a tough time getting pregnant again, so we were both pretty emotional, raw, and very happy about our pregnancy.

It was such a tender moment and I was so grateful that I took the time to make the moment meaningful to him too.

I hope that this list of ideas will help you find the perfect way to announce to your partner that you're pregnant. And I hope that when you announce to your partner that you will be able to have such a tender moment together.

Save this list for later as well so you can remember them.

Don't forget to read a checklist of things you should do right as you find out that you're pregnant and your checklist of things you should do in your third trimester!

Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Partner

Hide the Pregnancy Test

Hide the pregnancy test somewhere in the house and make a treasure map leading to the test.

hide the pregnancy test

You could also your test and do a scavenger hunt.


There are so many adorable pregnancy announcement shirts out there.

ways to announce your pregnancy to your partner

This is the way my husband and I announced it to our parents, it did take them a while to understand, but it was a lot of fun!

Personalized Onesie

You could give him a onesie that says "I love my Daddy"

baby onsie for pregnancy announcement

I have also seen some that are more witty and say "I am proof daddy doesn't always play video games"

There are so many cute options with gifting a onesie to him!


You could bake sugar cookies or cupcakes and ice words onto them announcing that you're pregnant.

cupcakes with pregnancy announcement


You could bake a cake and ice it with your announcement. Put anything that is significant to both of y'all.

Get creative!

Homemade Card

I did this and a book for my husband. I put on the card the size our baby which was a mustard seed. Then I taped a little mustard seed onto the card.

You can write a cute note about how great of a dad he will be.

Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie with pregnancy announcement

If you are good at baking you could make homemade fortune cookies with a message inside.

Eviction Notice

eviction notice pregnancy announcement

Put an eviction notice of the babies due date on his man cave door.

Paint your Belly

Paint a loading sign on your tummy or if you are super artistic you could paint a baby on your tummy.

Coffee Cup

coffee cup with best dad ever

At the bottom of the coffee cup you can have it etched with "You're going to be a daddy" or "Congrats you're a dad!"

Or you could have a mug that says "Best Dad Ever"


If you are poetic you could write a cute poem announcing your pregnancy.

If you are not poetic, but your partner loves poems you could find a cute one online.


I did this for my husband. I got him a cute father's day book and wrote inside how great of a dad he will be.


You could get a plain cheese pizza and cut up pepperoni in the letters announcing that you're pregnant.

Or inside of the pizza box you could have a card or paper taped inside the box announcing that you're pregnant.


balloons with pregnancy announcement note attached

If you have a dog you could put balloons and a note around their collar announcing that you are pregnant.


use your dog for your pregnancy announcement

You could also set up a little board and put your dogs next to it. Then take a picture and show it to your partner.


put together a puzzle with the pregnancy announcement

You could order a puzzle that announces your pregnancy.


Get a "best dad" or "#1 dad" keychain. They also have keychains that say "I'm Pregnant"

Message in a Bottle

have a pregnancy note in a bottle

Write up a cute note and put it in a bottle. You may even find one big enough to put your pregnancy test and a note in it.


Find a plate that says "I'm Pregnant" or "Baby's plate"

"Under Construction"

Put caution tape on one of your spare rooms with a note that says "under construction, opening may 2020"

Only Child Expiring

If you have other kids you could get them involved with a shirt or a letter board that says "only child expiring May 2020"

Or I've seen kids wear shirts that say Player 1 and the onesie says Player 2.

Picture Frame

You could get a picture frame that says "baby" or "#1 dad"

Scratch Off

On Etsy or Amazon they have scratch off cards that say "I'm pregnant."

On the inside you could write a cute note.

Bun in the Oven

bun in the oven

You could put a bun in the oven with your pregnancy test and tell your partner to grab the bun from the oven.

Gift Wrap

gift wrap pregnancy announcement

Gift wrap the pregnancy test and maybe a couple other baby items.

Baby Shoes

baby shoes

Write a note and put them inside the baby shoes, then gift it to your partner.

Include your Other Children

If you have any other children find cute ways to have them tell your partner that you are pregnant.

Diaper Delivery

Have diapers delivered to the house and see if he picks up on the hint.

Baby Bottle

baby bottle

Swap his drink with a baby bottle instead of a normal glass.


Put scrabble letters on your table saying "I'm pregnant!"


pregnancy announcement slideshow

Make a slideshow of pictures of you two together and then have an ultrasound picture or have a picture of your pregnancy test.

Photo Album

pregnancy announcement photo album

Or you could make a photo album instead of making a slideshow.


Write it on the mirror and tape your pregnancy test to the mirror.

Sticky Notes

Write on sticky notes things you love about your partner an paste them around the house leading them to the pregnancy test or a note saying that you're pregnant.

Gift Basket

baby gift basket

Put some baby items in a gift basket. Or you could make him a relaxing basket with your pregnancy test in there.


pregnancy announcement proposal

Propose to your partner with your pregnancy test. Ask him if he will be your Baby Daddy.

Diaper Cake

diaper cake

Make a cake out of diapers with your pregnancy test sticking out of it.

Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed

You could make pancakes for breakfast that say I love dad and bring it to him in bed.

Pregnancy Bundle

On your table you can set up a bunch of baby stuff with your pregnancy test in the middle of it all.

pregnancy bundle

I hope some of these help you with a way to announce to your partner that you're pregnant.