These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby’s Room

For first-time parents, decorating the nursery is exciting, especially as you will be creating a nook for your first little one. Even more, experienced parents who waited a few years to have another child will feel the same level of thrill.

As excited as you may be to decorate the place, there are some things you should know to truly make the room a comfortable space for your new child. Check out some of the most common mistakes when decorating a baby’s room so that you can avoid them.

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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Waiting Too Long to Decorate

Timing is everything when talking about an upcoming baby. You want to make sure that you have everything prepared for the baby’s arrival, from the things they will be using to the room they will be staying in. One mistake many parents make is waiting until they have a few weeks left before decorating.

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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This is perfectly fine if you are confident that you can create the perfect space for you and your child. However, the truth is that most of the time, parents tend to modify the space even at the last minute. You do not want to be caught needing to make changes once the baby is here. 

Remember, everything will be hectic when you have an infant, and revising the room will be such an inconvenience then. What you should do is decorate the room with ample time to spare as this can help you minimize such hassles.

Buying Too Many Things from the Get-Go

As excited as you are to decorate your baby’s room, it is important to remember that you only have so much space to work with. You might be tempted to get a stuffed animal of every kind, or sheets of every color and design. 

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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The thing is, you are bound to get these things as your kid gets older. It’s better to wait until they can actually appreciate these things before purchasing them. Otherwise, they could clutter the place. Your child might not even grow to like animals or whichever theme you choose to collect.

Of course, getting posters and picture books are great choices as it helps stimulate their senses while giving you an option that you can easily put away and store. 

Over-Furnishing the Place

If things inside the room can become cluttered, the same goes for your furniture. It may be ideal to have a nursing nook composed of a rolling tray full of essentials where you can feed your baby and bond with them afterward, but only if the space allows. 

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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Make sure to measure the place and get absolutely the essentials like storage for clothes and some of your baby’s belongings, as well as their crib. You can also add a changing station and a play area should you have space to spare.

The key to getting furniture that would fit the room is to measure the nursery and bring a measuring tape with you while shopping. This way, you can avoid the unpleasant surprise of your new furnishings not fitting the place.

Relying Too Much on Artificial Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any room, as it helps people establish their circadian rhythm and helps create a clear distinction between night and day. This is vital for newborns, especially as they are still getting used to living outside their parent’s womb. 

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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So, you should look for ways to minimize your need for artificial lighting, especially during the day. Babies also need soft light at night, particularly those without blue light to help their bodies adjust to the fact that it is nighttime, which is for resting. 

You also need to take into consideration the amount of sunlight that comes into the nursery. Having wide windows can help bring in more natural light, but you also need to have some way to control the brightness, especially when the weather is warm. Curtains and blinds are your best bet for this.

Using Air Freshener

Air fresheners and essential oil diffusers can be a pleasant surprise for adults, especially as they really make any room smell good. The same may not be true for babies. Remember, they are still developing their senses, and scents like these can overwhelm their olfactory faculty.

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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What’s more, is that some of these products can contain harmful ingredients that can damage your child’s senses and cause illnesses. It is better to use natural methods of perfuming the place, such as

Instead of using air fresheners, consider getting a decent air purifier to improve your baby’s comfort level. You should also be more conscious of the cleaning products you use when disinfecting the room. Choose those without toxic ingredients that are safe for children. 

Unknowingly Using Materials with Harmful Ingredients 

In their desire to make the place as comfy for their kid as possible, parents tend to make one of the common mistakes when decorating a baby’s room is using materials that may be harmful to babies. 

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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Take carpets, for example. These flooring options are some of the most popular choices in many households, but the truth is, that there are carpeting picks that contain harmful substances. This is not to say that all carpets contain such chemicals.

You also need to remember that carpets tend to quickly accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria. Unless you are planning to have it deep-cleaned weekly, you might want to stick with tiles or wood installed using baby-safe materials.

Skimping Out on HVAC  

Speaking of dust, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can play a huge role in its build-up as it brings in cooled or heated air. This is why you find a layer of gunk attached to your filters after a few days. 

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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What you should do is have a professional look at your system even before having the baby. These people can check for any imperfections that can speed up dust build-up and other issues. They can also check vents and replace filters for good measure.

One thing you can do to protect your child from dust is to buy an air purifier that suits the size of your nursery. These not only help eliminate dust, but also bad smells, smoke, pollens, and other allergens.

Not Investing in Sleeping Materials 

Your baby cannot articulate their thoughts, so you might think that they do not mind what kind of mattress, bedding, and pillows you let them use. Keep in mind that your kid spends a lot of time sleeping, which is why they need the best sleeping materials.

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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The right mattress gives the right amount of back support, while still being soft enough for an infant. Pillows may seem like a good idea, but you should skip having them in your baby’s crib for at least a year as they can pose risks.

If you want a more parent-friendly option, you might want to get water-resistant sheets or pads. These make it easier to replace wet sheets in case of accidents. Plus, it protects the mattress from getting soaked. 

Focusing Too Much on Aesthetic

As parents, you want to make the room look good for you and your baby. However, make a point to choose aesthetic, but practical décor. Keep in mind that it is not bad to aim for aesthetics, but make sure to opt for decorative pieces, furnishings, and furniture that offer more.

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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Want to give the place a colorful glow? Why not choose educational posters? You can also opt for mobiles, books, and toys that have similar purposes. You might also want to get led lights that show the solar system. 

These kinds of décor can stimulate your baby’s senses, helping them develop these sight and focus. Combined with educational toys and book-reading sessions, this can help your kid hone their brain functions and creativity.

Failing to Baby-Proof the Place

Babyproofing the entire home may be a big project. Ideally, you need to do this before the baby comes. However, between setting up the nursery and ensuring that the baby comes out healthy, you might find yourself having little time to do this.

These Are 10 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Baby's Room
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If this is the case, you might want to start with the nursery, then work your way around the home. Make sure to secure cabinets and other heavy furniture that could topple down on the baby. You should also cushion corners that your baby may bump into when they begin to move around.

Then, go around the home bracing other furniture such as shelves and TV racks. You can do these things little by little until you have totally baby-proofed the place. You can even benefit from this during earthquakes when your shelves, cabinets, and racks remain sturdy because of the brackets. 

The Bottom Line

Your child’s arrival is one of the most special moments for the family. To make sure that they have somewhere safe to stay once they come, avoid making these common mistakes when decorating a baby’s room.


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