3 Ways on How to Induce Labor Naturally

I know at this point you are so done with your pregnancy! You are looking for many different ways on how to induce labor.

I know I am and I’m at 35 weeks and I have read at least 20 different blog posts on how to induce labor. I could only imagine being close or heaven forbid past your due date!

You more likely wanted your baby out a like last week!

Now I hate to break it to you hunny, but you can’t force your body to go into labor. So far there is no proven non-medical way to induce labor naturally.

Your baby is going to come out when they want, but you can do things that will help move labor along. You can encourage labor to be shorter when your baby decides to come.

How to Induce Labor


This is the most fun way in my opinion! There is no proof that it will induce labor, but how many people have really tested this. No one wants to be studied while they have sex to see if labor will start.

I know I for sure don’t want to be in this study.

Sex to induce labor

A lot of moms swear by this and there are some good reasons why it can help move your labor along, if your body is ready to go into labor.

When you do have sex make sure that your partner ejaculates inside of you because the sperm contain a hormone called Prostaglandin which stimulates the cervix possibly leading to contractions.

Prostaglandin helps thin and dilate the cervix. With medical induction it’s the first thing they use before they use pitocin. They will start with pills containing Prostaglandin inserted in the vagina near the cervix.

So it makes sense why sex can help induce labor. Sperm contain a high dosage of Prostaglandin.

Another added plus is you get to connect with your partner more before your baby comes! Who knows how often you will be able to do the deed after the baby comes so get it in while you can!

Make sure though that your water isn’t already broken before you have sex.


Now exercise may or may not induce labor, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

exercise to induce labor

It can help your body if it’s actually ready for labor. If your cervix is soft and stretchy then exercising might tip you towards contractions.

Make sure to listen to your body and take breaks if needed. Don’t try to elevate your heart rate, relax and go low and slow.

You can try several pregnancy safe exercises in my fitness tab to help induce your labor at home.


Walking helps draw the baby down into your pelvis. The pressure of your baby may help labor progress if you have already started to feel contractions.

Pregnant woman walking

Don’t walk to much and tire your body out because you will need that energy for the marathon of childbirth.

How to Induce Labor with a Workout

These moves help women go into labor on or near their due date. They will help speed up dilation and the process of labor. Relieve back, hip, and pelvic pain.

It can help turn a breeched baby if you do them weeks before delivery. It also can help to open and create space in your pelvis for your baby.

Do each exercise as long as you would like.

Rocking Ball Hug

rocking ball hug
rocking ball hug

Hip Rolls

hip rolls
hip rolls

Ball Bounce

This one you simply bounce up and down.

It encourages the baby to move down and assists in cervix dilation. This movement helps encourage the pelvic floor to contract and relax naturally.

It also soothes the baby!

ball bounce

Assisted Wall Squat

Lean up against the ball so you don’t fall over and make sure to go to a full 90°

assisted wall squat
assisted wall squat

Pelvic Tilts

This one may be hard to tell what to do. You can sit, stand straight, or be up against the wall.

To do a pelvic tilt bring your belly buttons in towards your spine and push your pelvis forward.

Tighten your butt and hip muscles as you are tilting your pelvis forward. Think of it like you are hugging your baby in the womb with your lower ab muscles. Hold for a few seconds at a time.

pelvic tilts

Deep Squats/Yoga Squat

Make sure to keep your back straight when you go down into the yoga squat. Don’t tuck your hips under and if your belly is too big you can spread your legs further apart.

deep yoga squat
deep yoga squat


If you tend to lose your balance during pregnancy you can use a chair to hold onto and assist you when you go down.

We do not want a mommy to fall, you gotta keep that precious bundle of your safe.


Cat-Cow Pose

Make sure not to overstretch your back when you go into the cow pose. Just take deep breaths and relax.


Butterfly Stretch

This pose you can lean forward or sit up straight and bounce your legs up and down.

butterfly stretch