Pregnancy Arm Workout to Keep You Toned

A fit pregnancy is a healthy pregnancy! That being said, you can allow yourself some vanity when it comes to keeping your arms toned! I love this pregnancy arm workout and I do it often!

I try to work hard on having a belly only pregnancy that way after I have my little boy I only have to focus on losing fat in my tummy!

With these exercises you will want to use bands or dumbbells. I love them and use them all of the time!

If you want more pregnancy workouts you can find them on my fitness tab!

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Pregnancy Arm Workout

  • Shoulder Press X15
  • Bicep Curls X15
  • Tricep Kickbacks X15
  • Shoulder Front Raise X15
  • Reverse Shoulder Flies X15
  • Tricep Dips X15
  • Incline Wall Push-ups X15

Do these 2-3 times for a full arm workout! And of course as always there are pictures right below if you need help on a certain move! 🙂

Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

This is a compound exercise which means it targets more than one major muscle. It is always good to start with the more compound exercises (after a warm-up of course!). This targets shoulders, triceps, and upper traps.

Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls for pregnancy arm workout

Directly affecting the biceps. This is helpful immediately after doing tricep exercises to help them not only to relax some, but also to stretch.

Tricep Kickbacks

Bicep kickback
Bicep kickback for pregnancy arm workout

Can be done with either a band or dumbbells as shown here. Make sure that your back is straight, hinging at the hips to lean forward.

Shoulder Front Raise

Shoulder raise

Shown here both underhanded, and overhand. Underhand will involve bicep and upper chest more, whilst overhand will target a wider area of the shoulder (front and mid deltoid muscles).

Reverse Shoulder Flies

Reverse Shoulder Flies for pregnancy arm workout
Shoulder flies

Targets rear delts.

Triceps Dips

Tricep dips
Tricep dips

Targets triceps and lower chest. Make sure not to go below 90 to prevent shoulder injuries.

Incline Wall Push-ups

Incline Wall pushups

Targets chest and triceps. Be sure to do these on a wall or counter (if you are pregnant) so that your belly does not hang directly beneath you. This is specifically for the safety of your baby as well as yourself!

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