4 Exercises For Sexy Shoulders

Have you ever looked at a woman in a tank top or an off the shoulder top and thought dang! Imagine someone looking at you with the same thought.

This shoulder workout is meant to give you sexy shoulders for those super cute outfits!

There are many other benefits to having strong shoulders, such as carrying your child around, groceries, luggage, pushing or pulling things as well.

You use your shoulders way more than you think you do and a lot of people have problems in their shoulders because their muscles aren’t properly worked.

This shoulder workout will also help keep your shoulder joint in the correct place and help you to not have shoulder problems.

I hope y’all enjoy this sexy shoulder workout and that you get close to having the shoulders that you want to have!

Exercises For Sexy Shoulders

For this workout you will do 2-3 sets and rest for 1 minute in between each set.

Also make sure that you are keeping your elbows slightly bent for the shoulder front and side raise.

If you lock your elbows you can do some damage to that joint. Enjoy your workout!

Overhead Press x12

Shoulder Front Raise x12

Shoulder Side Raise x12

Shoulder Shrug x12