Arm and Back Workout

Do you ever get annoyed with putting on a swimsuit, bra, or sports bra and you notice that back fat hanging over?

I didn’t start noticing till I was pregnant and boy did it make me sad because there were so many things about my body that was changing.

My body was not the tight 20 year old body that I had anymore.

If you were like me and you want a change now give this arm and back workout a try to help get rid of that back fat and tone your arms and shoulders.

In no time you will feel more confident when you wear your swimsuit, sports bra, or even your tank tops!

This workout will also help you have the strength you need to be able to do your day to day things as a mommy.

You will be able to carry around your kiddo, diaper bag and push your stroller around with no problem!

So let’s get started mamma!

Arm and Back Workout

Do this workout 2-3 times with a 1 minute rest in between each set.

When you do the shoulder front raise make sure to keep your elbows slightly bent so you don’t injure your elbow joint.

Enjoy your workout!

Bent Over Rows x12

Tricep Kickbacks x12

Shoulder Press x12

Front Raise x12

Bicep Curls x12