52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Do you ever have the goal of saving money, but every time you set that goal you do well for a couple weeks and then find something to spend that money on?

This was the case for me when I first started to try to save money. Every time I would save at least 100 dollars I would use it to pay off debt or spend it on something I want.

Hardcore impulse buyer right here, but I am working on that!

I wanted to learn from my mistakes and try to save money for a rainy day. You never know when something pops up and this is where a money saving challenge really comes into play.

There are some challenges that are only 6 months, 1 year, or over a span of a couple years.

You have some challenges where you save a certain amount every day and some that you save a certain amount every week.

The ones I have for you below are where you save a certain amount every week to get to an awesome larger end goal!

The Benefits of a 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Let’s be honest saving money can be so difficult and it can be a hard habit to learn. “It can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.” (source)

Which makes having a 52 week challenge perfect because you have 365 days to gain this habit of saving!

You will reap so many wonderful benefits from having this habit.

Doing a 52 week money saving challenge helps you:

  • Save a larger amount in smaller increments
  • Gets you into a money saving habit
  • You get the satisfaction of your savings growing
  • You have money for a rainy day

Money saving challenges are so beneficial for many reasons as you can see.

My main goal when my husband and I were first married was to always have $1000 in savings and it helped us on so many occasions I can’t even count.

I am so grateful that we kept at least $1000 in savings.

If you can save more, by all means please do. You never know how much you will need when you have an emergency.

52 Week Money Saving Challenges

I have rounded up a few different money saving challenges from my other blogger friends just so y’all have have the pick of the crop.

I personally have two for y’all. One where you save a certain amount every week to reach $1000 within a year. With the other one you decide every week how much you are going to save.

Make sure to pick one that you feel like you can accomplish. Don’t try to pick one that looks like there is a great end goal, but you can’t meet the weekly savings goal.

Look at your budget heck even get a budget planner so you can budget in your savings challenge.

$1000 money saving challenge
52 week money saving challenge

Here are some challenges from my other blogger friends that are totally different than what I have. Each will have a different end goal so pick the one that you can achieve and is suitable for your needs.

Stacie has 5 different money saving challenges over the course of 52 weeks. What I love about her challenges is there are amounts for any person. If you can only save 10 dollars a week she has one for you. If you save save quite a bit more she has a larger challenge for you.

Brittane has another great money saving challenge where you save the amount of whatever week you are on. “Every New Year many of our goals is to save more money. Start with $1.00 now and by the end, you will have $1,378.00 IN THE BANK with this 52-Week Money Savings Challenge!”

“Learn how you can save $3,000 with this 52 week money challenge! If you’re overwhelmed with the thought of saving money, this challenge takes all the guesswork out of it.” Try this money saving challenge that Danielle has, if that seems like a lot you can always half the challenge and save $1500 by the end of the year!

I hope y’all find a 52 week money saving challenge that works for you that you can stick with and save money for a rainy day!

Comment below and tell me how you are doing so we can cheer each other on!