How to Make Your Ultimate Postpartum Recovery Kit

As I’m coming up on the tail end of my pregnancy I’m thinking about all of the things I need to prepare. I am definitely a procrastinator when it comes to most things!

This is one thing that I have put off for too long, like many of the other things I need to prep before our baby boy comes.

I have asked so many of my mom friends what were their lifesavers when it came to their postpartum recovery kit. This list is tested by so many mommas out there so you are getting the best of the best!

Also all of these things you can get on Amazon so you don’t even have to leave your couch and try to find everything that you need. I just love online shopping for the convenience, don’t you?

Postpartum Recovery Kit

Peri Bottle

I was told that you would be getting a squirt bottle at the hospital, but as we all know all hospitals are different. Also it doesn’t have an angled tip so you are awkwardly trying to squirt yourself after you pee.

It’s always best to be prepared, and if they do give you one it doesn’t hurt to have a couple for different bathrooms in your house.

Heaven forbid you go potty and you don’t have your squirt bottle. You do not want to be yelling for someone to get it for you or using awful toilet paper on your lady bits after you birthed a baby. Especially if you tear!

Many of my mom friends loved the Peri Bottle with an angled tip because it makes squirting your lady parts so much easier! Anything to make your life easier after you have your baby is well worth it in my eyes!

Granny Panties or Diapers

This is all based off of personal preference. The hospital will give you some mesh underwear, but you will want more than just a couple of pairs.

Granny panties are great because when you are all done with your recovery you can just throw them out. Its way better than using your cute underwear and ruining those.

I plan on using diapers though because they were so helpful with my second miscarriage. I bled so much, like through a pad every thirty minutes for the first 24 hours. It was like a war zone in our house because I kept bleeding through pads quickly.

I made my husband go to the store to pick up diapers for extra protection and they were a life saver so I plan on using them after our baby comes this time around.


You will want pads if you are wearing granny panties. Get the pads with the large backing so when you are sitting or laying down you don’t get blood up your backside.

Man this all is sounding like a horror story, but some women bleed more than others and it’s always best to be prepared.

With pads I have heard of many moms making what they call padsicles. If you don’t know what those are you add witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and lavender. Then you put them in the freezer.

This is an amazing feeling of relief especially if you tear or have an episiotomy. It helps to heal your vagina and helps with the pain as well. If you are a visual learner like me you can always search for padsicles in pinterest or go to this post.

Tucks Pads

Every mom I have talked to told me that Tucks were a must have item!

Tucks are medicated cooling pads and a necessity for any woman after labor!

Every woman that I have heard from have said that this was amazing for their episiotomy or to recover from their stitches after a tear.

Pain Relieving Spray

Dermoplast is a topical healing spray. You want to get the one with the blue top. If you get the one with the red top it will burn your vagina like no tomorrow because their are some antibacterial properties in it. That is the last thing you will want while you are trying to recover!

If you want a more natural herbal perineal spray get Earth Mama. I’ve heard fantastic things about their spray!

Stool Softener

This is something you will want to bring with you to the hospital as well as having some in your postpartum kit.

Pooping will be really hard after having a baby and taking a stool softener will make this process much easier and smoother!

Only take the amount directed or else you will have diarrhea like no other and that’s not fun either!


You will want some pain medicine because you are recovering from giving birth and everything will hurt.

Sometimes the hospital will prescribe you pain medicine, but have some at home just in case they don’t give you some.

Make sure that you keep up on taking it even if you feel okay because once you stop you will be in pain again. Just talk with your doctor about how long you should be taking pain medicine after birth.

Breast Pads

Use either reusable or disposable ones, but you will want breast pads in your postpartum care kit.

Your boobs will be leaking and you will want your nursing pads in several locations. Just in case you need to switch them out it’s best to have them close by so you don’t have to go on a man hunt for them!


I’ve never heard of this trick, but it’s GENIUS! Have some Vaseline in your bathroom for when you go pee.

Before you go pee put a thick layer of Vaseline on your stitches so then your wound won’t burn from the acid in your pee!

This is amazing because the last thing you will want is burning and pain every time you pee, which will be a lot!

Water Wipes

Water Wipes are 99% water and are amazing for when you poop!

They are chemical free so no burning sensation on your stitches when you wipe your bum hole clean!

I hope this postpartum recovery kit works well for you! If you are a mom who has gone through birth and you have some other suggestions leave them below for other moms!

Good luck on your recovery from birthing your little bundle of joy!