How To Create Your Ultimate Birth Plan

I know mama that you have so many things on your plate right now! There are so many things that you need to plan and prep for the baby.

My goal is to help you have an easier time with your pregnancy and give you tips for your journey.

Today I want to help you create your ultimate birth plan!

You need to narrow down what kind of birthing experience you want.

I have been talking with many moms lately and I haven’t met one that didn’t have a preference with their birthing experience. Even if it’s only one item on their birth plan!

Birth plans don’t have to be hard and scary it’s mainly to help your birthing team know what kind of experience you want to have.

I was talking with my doctor at the start of my pregnancy about birth plans and he chuckled a little bit. He said that he has seen some moms come in with a packet full of their perfect experience.

He told me that the mom’s that simplify their birth plan and are willing to adapt have a way better birthing experience.

labor and delivery

The best way you can plan for labor and delivery is to gain knowledge on all of the potential things that could happen.

You could have this perfect experience in your mind, but then your baby and body want to do something different.

Just remember that the end goal of labor and delivery is to have a healthy momma and a healthy baby!

Be willing to adapt and change if necessary. A birth plan is to mainly help your team know what kind of experience you would like to have if things all go to plan.

Now if you feel like you would be overwhelmed and stress too much over a birth plan then you don’t have to write one.

You can always write one or two sentences of things that are a must with your birthing experience.

How To Create Your Ultimate Birth Plan

What is a Birth Plan?

Birth plans are a piece of paper explaining what kind of birthing experience you would like to have.

You can keep them short and simple, or a little more lengthy. Simplified birth plans are better because it will be much easier for your birthing team to remember what kind of experience you would like to have.

You really only need essentials, not a huge packet ladies!

What Should Be Included?

Below are some questions to think about if you want to write your own birth plan without a template.

  • Would you like an unmedicated birth or a medicated one?
  • Would you like medicine to move the labor along faster?
  • Are you planning on a vaginal birth or a c-section?
  • Do you want an episiotomy?
  • Who would you like in the room?
  • Who do you want not allowed in the room?
  • Are you having a photographer present?
  • Who is cutting the cord?
  • Are you wanting to do delayed cord clamping? How long do you want it delayed?
  • Are you saving the cord for blood banking?
  • Do you want to save your placenta?
  • What birthing positions do you prefer?
  • Are you planning on walking around, bouncing on a ball, or soaking in a bath?
  • What kind of birth environment do you want?
  • Do you want me students in the room or just the essential birthing team?
  • Would you like your water to break naturally or do you want the doctor to break it?
  • Are you okay with forceps or a vacuum extraction?
  • Do you want an hour of skin-to-skin after the baby is born?
  • When would you like your baby’s first bath?
  • Do you want the baby in the recovery room with you or in the nursery?
  • Do you want them to use a pacifier with the baby?
  • If you are having a boy is he getting circumcised?

Birth Plan Templates

I do have this mock up birth plan with a PDF that you can fill out and print. If you want to create your own there are options below for you!

how to create your ultimate birth plan

Mama Natural also has a great visual birth plan template that you can create online! You have plenty of options to work with!

When in doubt you can talk to your Doctor or Midwife about things they suggest for your birth plan.

The most important thing to do is be kind to your birthing team, being kind to them will get you a long way. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you” just like your momma taught you!