Lower Ab Workout

Lower ab workouts are a great way to tone up your mom pooch, but the benefits are not all aesthetics.

Most people only focus on the upper abs or their obliques, but your lower abs are just as important to work on.

It helps with your posture, balance, and prevents pain in your body.

I noticed after having my c-section it felt like my abs were totally gone. I started having a lot of back pain so I knew that I needed to retrain my abs to help compensate for my back pain.

After I did my ab rehab this was one of the first lower ab workouts that I did to help get rid of that shelf. Just so y'all know I am still working on that shelf, but it is going away.

I hope y'all enjoy this workout and that you feel that good soreness afterwards!

Lower Ab Workout

You will need to do this workout 2-3 times and give yourself a 1 minute break in between each set!

Leg Circles x10

Flutter Kicks x20

Reverse Crunches x20

Bottoms Up x15

Single Leg Raise x20