10 Facts That Few People Know About Contraceptives

4. These Birth Control Options Have Side Effects

No matter what type of birth control method you choose, chances are you’re going to encounter at least one of the side effects or the health risks that come with it. This is why talking your medical history into account is important when choosing a birth control that’s right for you. 

10 Facts That Few People Know About Contraceptives
Image Source: Women for Women

Some of the side effects and risks that come with using contraceptives vary from one contraception method to another. For those taking oral contraception, these can exacerbate the risks of blood clots and high blood pressure due to its ingredients. It can also decrease your libido and make you prone to headaches, migraines, weight gain, and depression, to name a few. 

Meanwhile, those who use IUDs may experience spotting between periods, cramping, back pain, or general discomfort when the IUD is put in, as well as having irregular periods. Although the risks of taking contraceptives are quite rare, there are still quite serious, particularly those of oral birth control pills.