10 Facts That Few People Know About Contraceptives

7. Progestin Shots Are Viable Birth Control Options

For those who dislike having to take birth control pills or even having a long-wearing contraceptive be placed in them, one of the best ways to bridge the gap between the two is taking a progestin shot. While not as long-wearing compared to IUDs or even sterilization, these shots also offer convenience and a compromise of sorts for women. 

10 Facts That Few People Know About Contraceptives
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This particular method relies on women getting a progestin hormone every three months or so through an injection in the arm or buttocks.  These are given four times a year. One of the most well-known brands of this hormone is the Depo-Provera shot and it works by preventing your ovaries from releasing an egg and stopping your ovulation period. 

The main advantage of getting a progestin shot is that this does not require daily uptake or maintenance. Of course, it also prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg and even entering the fallopian tubes. It does, however, have the capacity to reduce bone density.