10 Facts That Few People Know About Contraceptives

8. Certain Conditions or Medications Can Reduce the Effectivity of Contraception

No contraception is foolproof. While there are higher rates of effectiveness, there are some factors that can affect them. This includes taking certain medications and or having particular medical conditions. There are some antiretroviral therapies designed for HIV, as well as some anti-epileptic medications, that are found to lessen the effectiveness of birth control. 

10 Facts That Few People Know About Contraceptives
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Such medications lessened the oral contraception hormone levels. Besides these, there are some antibiotics, such as rifampin, that may affect contraception. If you are taking herbal remedies, such as St. John’s wort, you may find that the efficacy of your chosen birth control method might also be challenged and become less effective. This also goes for other types of drugs or medication you might be taking. 

Individuals who are obese or who are struggling with excess weight may also find that their birth control method’s effectiveness may also be reduced. To find an effective birth control method to go with certain conditions and or medications, be sure to consult your doctor or gynecologist.